Kieran Hayler gets gifted a hair transplant for Valentines Day 

Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast Kieran Hayler visited the British Hair Clinic in a ‘different way to celebrate Valentines Day’ as his ‘encouraging wife helped him to finally take the plunge and have his hairline insecurities taken care of’.

Kieran previously married to Katie Price visited the celebrity favourite hair transplant clinic, the British Hair Clinic in Brentwood Essex branch

Kieran added in the video posted to the clinics Instagram page ‘hes finally bit the bullet, something that has bothered him for years so I’m at the British Hair Clinic to have this sorted’. He adds that ‘as a personal trainer, I feel people may judge me or look at me for being bald, even though they’re probably not judging me, its my insecurity so I’m going to do something about it’. 

Kieran initially joked about having his hair trimmed before explaining why he chose to go I chose the British Hair Clinic as it’s clearly the best clinic to come to for a hair transplant’. Keiran explained why didn’t chose to fly abroad for cheaper hair mill clinics in countries like Turkey. He added that ‘I’d rather stay local, near London, UK so if anything goes wrong 

I’m in safe hands. Cheap flights abroad to places like Turkey isn’t worth the risk, we hear so many stories of things going wrong and I don’t want a botched job. Especially in my line of work, I have to look good so I’ve come to the best clinic where many of my friends have come’.  

At the end of the surgery, Kieran adds that he is already that it was ‘a painless day, it looks amazing already and I can’t wait for the journey to show you about my full head of hair’.  Kieran joins a long list of celebrities, footballers such as Conor Benn, Neil Ruddock, James DeGale and a line of reality TV stars including Junaid Ahmed, Rykard Jenkins, Alex Miller, Kirk Norcross who have had their hairlines tweaked recently at the celeb favourite clinic.  

Celebrity hair transplant surgeon, Dr Shuja performed the successful hair transplant surgery on Kieran Hayler added that ‘Kieran’s hair transplant was a bit trickier than the usual ones as his crown area had thinning hair and wasn’t completely bald. This means that in order to transplant new hairs, clear gaps in the thinned hair needed to be found. It is important to be careful in thinned hair as transplanting over existing hair can make the existing hair fall out due to competitive shock hair loss. For patients like Kieran, it is essential to use hair loss medication to prevent hair loss of existing hair and thicken the thinned areas i.e. his crown region. The hairline however was more straight forward as it had clearly receded (visible bald area) so it can be transplanted with maximum density’.

Full results of a hair transplant can take up to one year. Dr Shuja adds ‘with fit active men like Kieran who maintain a very high level of fitness and weight training, it is important to maintain existing hair along with the transplanted hair otherwise over time, the non-transplanted hair will continue to fall creating a thinning gap between the new transplanted hair and existing hair. 

He went on to explain that ‘hair loss of the existing hair (non-transplanted) can be exacerbated due to high levels of DHT in their blood. DHT is a form of testosterone responsible for classic male pattern hair loss. Men who train regularly have slightly elevated levels meaning they are more likely to have hair loss due to higher DHT levels. This means, without non-surgical management of the non-transplanted hair, they may need to come back in a few years to have further surgery. Kieran was advised to maintain his existing hair using a combination of medication and PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma) . 

Kieran was delighted with ‘how the day passed gone and can’t wait to share my hair growth journey with everyone. The team at the British hair clinic have been fantastic. Was virtually painless throughout the day’.  He encouraged anyone struggling with insecurities about their hair to speak to experts ang get a free hair loss consultation at the British Hair Clinic.

Kieran is one of many celebrities who have visited the British Hair Clinic to seek help with their hair loss. Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem. The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery info@britishhairclinicom.