Women’s Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in women in similar to that in men. Numerous celebrity female patients have chosen the British Hair Clinic as our results look amazingly natural. So when they hit the red carpet, they have no fear of cameras zooming into their hairlines. 

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FUE Hair Transplant for women

Female hair transplant is a surgical method used to treat female hair thinning and hair loss. The process utilises the FUE technique whereby existing natural hair from the back of the woman’s head are extracted under local anaesthetic and transplanted them into the scalp area (or eyebrows) where there is balding or advanced hair thinning. 

A section of the back of the head is usually trimmed (depending on the size of the procedure) from where the hair is taken out of and hair around it are spared so that they can cover the trimmed region after surgery. This allows women to wear their hair down after surgery so they can hide the trimmed area.

The procedure follows a similar process to that in men (see what is FUE hair transplant) as does the recovery stage


Are female hair transplant successful?

When performed by an expert surgeon, female hair transplants are just as successful as males. Female actresses like Stephanie Davis have undergone amazing hair transplants where over 2000 grafts (4000+hair follicles) were transplanted to lower her hairline. The process is similar in men and women so there is no reason why the surgery should be less successful.

Do female hair transplants cost more than men hair transplants?

The average cost of a hair transplant for women in hair clinics in Britain varies between £4000-£6000. Some clinics charge per graft, i.e., the more grafts they give the more they charge, whereas others charge per surgery. There is an exception in the UK with some clinics charging very high prices which many patients find off putting.

It is important to choose a clinic that offers a clear comprehensive package that includes aftercare reviews and treatment. It is recommended to avoid clinics who charge for surgery only and provide little to no aftercare as there will be additional hidden costs that you may incur.

Do women have to shave their heads like men for a hair transplant?

Like with men, the donor area at the back of the head (or parts of it) needs to be trimmed so that hair can be extracted easily. The hair on the top of the head and the sides of the head does NOT need to be trimmed or shaved in women so that after surgery women can drop and style their to cover any areas that have been transplanted or where hair has been extracted from easily.

After three months the donor area would have grown back to a size where it is difficult to see any clear gaps and then over the next few months it grows in length so it can’t be seen where hair was taken from.

Do female hairlines look soft and natural, how are pluggy hair lines avoided?

Creating natural looking hairlines requires a great deal of skill in women. Surgeons can achieve this by implanting single hair follicles at the front of the hair line so it softens the look and implanting double or multiple units at the back of the hairline to add density.

The size of the instruments a surgeon uses plays a key role as does the angle in which the incisions are made by the surgeon. These helps determine the natural looking appearance of hairlines. A good example to see is that of Stephanie Davis who has an amazing natural looking female hairline.

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Female Hair Loss Specialist

Anybody considering having treatment for hair loss is advised to undergo a consultation to discuss their concerns and suitability for hair transplantation surgery or restoration treatments.

The British Hair Clinic offers free consultations allowing people to learn more about the various options available to them before undergoing any treatment.

The clinic is happy to answer questions and concerns people may have about their hair.

Women's Hair Transplant - Hair Restoration - British Hair Clinic