Stephanie Davis Hair Transplant Treatment

Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis, recently crowned actress of the year 2019 has undergone a hair transplant at the British Hair Clinic.

Having struggled with her hair and ‘high forehead’, Stephanie said she had ‘been waiting and thinking about doing her hair for many years’.

Following periods of stress in recent years, she noticed her hair had fallen out and thinned in many places. As a result, she had to resort to wearing wigs and hair extensions. She hopes that following her hair transplant surgery, she will be able to have a lower hairline and be more confident in wearing her hair in whichever style she chooses. She recalled being bullied and called horrible names in school because of her high hairline.

Why Stephanie Davis chose The British Hair Clinic

She spoke confidently prior to her surgery, encouraging women who have struggled with their hair and well-being to step forward and get help. She said “hair transplant surgery isn’t just for men, women can also have it and it can make a huge difference if done by a good surgeon. I’ve chosen to stay in the UK and have my surgery at the British Hair Clinic after speaking to friends in the media spotlight who had all been treated here”.

A hair transplant in women involves the same processes as hair transplants in men. Stephanie’s surgeon, Dr Zabeeh explained that “hair transplant surgery in women is becoming more common now.

Having a hair line that you are happy with is essential for women and Stephanie has been tremendously brave for stepping forward and having this treatment. As a positive role model for female empowerment and mental health, Stephanie has opted to seek help so we can correct something that has constantly played on her mind for many years”.

Women’s hair transplants in the UK

Stephanie decided against going abroad for hair transplant surgery over fears of safety, quality and problems with aftercare. She said “a couple of my friends went abroad for surgery and they didn’t get the results they wanted nor the aftercare so I am so grateful I could find a suitable clinic in the UK. Surgery is a big thing and it is important that you choose the right team, after all it is your body and health and I’m delighted I chose Dr Zabeeh to do my operation”.

Dr Zabeeh explains that “in a hair transplant, hair follicles are taken from the back of the head. Incisions are made carefully in the scalp (hairline area) at precise angles and depths to mimic natural hair growth patterns. The hairs that have been taken from the back of the head are then implanted in the incisions made in the hairline area’.

The procedure was done as a day surgery operation under local anaesthetic. Stephanie said she felt like she was in a spa, it went so smoothly, and I’ve been really well looked after. Adding, “I managed to sleep, and rest so much and then watch tele. They even got me my favourite Jaffa-Cakes so I’m really happy with how I was looked after!”.

Stephanie who has taken a short break from her role in Hollyoaks, will have ample time to recover as she waits for her new hairline to take shape. Dr Zabeeh added that “it can take up to twelve months before final results of the surgery can be seen. For the short term, a good rest and family time is advised. The surgery went well as planned and we will continue to monitor her over the coming months and treat her thinned areas with PRP treatments”.

Stephanie Davis follows a long line of actresses, sportsmen and celebrities who have visited the British Hair Clinic to seek help with their hair loss. Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem in both men and women. The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery.