SoccerAM Legend Tubes (Peter Dale) undergoes Hair Transplant at the British Hair Clinic 

SoccerAM legend, Tubes (real name Peter Dale) once famous for his golden locks is the latest in a line of sportsmen and TV personalities getting help with hair loss from the British Hair Clinic.

He underwent an eight-hour FUE hair transplant procedure at the celebrity favourite hair transplant clinic in Brentwood, Essex.

Tubes who has been an ever present on cult fan show SoccerAM, would often speak of his struggles with his hairline. ‘Having once had long side-burns and flowing blonde locks for years, I’ve now got a hairline that makes me look like a human egg!’ 

As part of golf challenge on his hit YouTube channel ‘Golf Life’, Tubes shaved his head after losing the challenge and has supported a buzz cut ever since. 

He chose the British Hair Clinic having seen the amazing hair transplant results of his friend Razor Ruddock and fellow Sky Sports Boxing expert Spencer Oliver’s excellent hair transplant results.

Tubes said he ‘enjoyed the day. It was a relaxing experience, chatting away to the surgeon and watching TV. Didn’t feel any pain besides the initial anaesthetic injections, rest was easy going’. 

Tubes’ hair transplant surgeon Dr Shuja explained that ‘Peter or Tubes as we all fondly know him as, has had well documented health concerns with his heart, therefore we needed to make sure that we handled his case carefully. We liaised with Tube’s cardiologist to ensure it was safe to go ahead with hair transplant and whether we needed to take any additional measures. It was a big procedure, meaning there was a large area of hair loss to cover and everything went as planned’.  


Dr Shuja added that ‘Tubes will have to now rest for the next two weeks and take care with his post-operative instructions. He is a keen golfer and footballer obviously, but in a couple of weeks he will be able to resume his activities and get back to golf life, the only life he knows’. 

Tubes said that his ‘new hairline will help him be more confident on a personal level and on a professional level. In particular when doing the close-up TV interviews, I won’t be worried about my hairline being so obviously high. I’m thrilled with the new hairline and I can’t wait for the results in a few months’.

The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery. Any patients who have had hair transplant surgery abroad or elsewhere and are unhappy with their result, can contact the British Hair Clinic for advice on corrective hair transplant surgery.