Payment plans

There are two options to pay for hair transplant surgery in our clinic. 

Option 1: Pay deposit of £1000 and remainder on the day of surgery or any time before.

Option 2: 0% interest Flexible payment option

Our in-house hair transplant flexible payment plan allows you to spread the cost of surgery over 12 months. The flexible payment option is interest free (0% finance) and there is NO credit check required by third party credit agencies. This means that EVERYONE qualifies for this option should they seek to.

  • Step 1. Deposit of £1000 to confirm surgery
  • Step 2. Pay a further £1800 prior to surgery or on the day of surgery
  • Step 3. Payment plan on the remainder over 11 months after surgery
  • Step 4. Remainder balance paid via 11 monthly instalments, interest free.