Love Islands Jamie Jewitt undergoes hair transplant 

Love Islands Jamie Jewitt is the latest reality TV star to visit the celeb favourite British hair Clinic in Brentwood, Essex. Jamie is the last male member of the Jewitt family to visit the clinic for a hair transplant. 

He underwent a FUE hair transplant procedure at the celebrity favourite British Hair Clinic in Brentwood, Essex.

Hair loss has a huge genetic element to it. Jamie revealed how it was his dad who had encouraged him to go and get help from the British Hair Clinic. ‘A few years ago, my dad underwent a botched hair transplant in central london at another clinic, it didn’t work well at all.’

‘My dad then visited the British Hair Clinic to have his hair transplanted corrected or fixed and they did a great job. My brothers have been since and now it’s my turn’. He jokingly added that ‘only my mum hasn’t been here!’ 

The genetics of hair loss is complicated. Celebrity hair transplant surgeon Dr Shuja who has seen many famous faces at the British Hair Clinic explained that ‘it was believed that hair loss was inherited from the mother’s side of the family via the X-chromosome.  This isn’t always the case as hair loss can be passed down from genes from both the mother and the father. He added that ‘although no treatment can safely switch off the genes involved in hair loss, there are a number of treatments that can be used to mitigate against the effects of hair loss’. 

Jamie’s ‘hair transplant was a success. It was slightly more complicated than the usual ones as he had widespread hair thinning. This means that we had to carefully navigate into the gaps between then thinned hair as well supporting the slightly receded hairline at the front’. 

Jamie highlights his area of concern and once the hair is trimmed and adds that ‘I know a lot of people don’t think I need it, despite me having raised concerns about it before. My dad and my two brothers have been here, hair loss is hereditary so I’m here to sort it before it gets to their stage. I’ve had SMP (tattooing) in the past to hide the gaps, now I need to bite the bullet and have a transplant’.

He jokingly adds that he wants a boxing rematch with his friend Dan Osborne who also visited the British Hair Clinic in Essex

At the end of the surgery, Jamie seems thrilled with how it went and shares a happy snap with the surgeon. Day 1 post -surgery as the swelling travels down his forehead he jokingly posts his ‘head looks like a dolphin’.

Dr Shuja adds that ‘it’s normal for patients to get swelling around the forehead and eyes. This is the body using gravity to get rid of the swelling. By day 5-6 post-surgery the swelling should have significantly subsided. Jamie was given a two-week self-care aftercare bag which will help manage the wounds and swelling post-surgery.

He is recommended hair loss medications and PRP treatment to help maintain and strengthen the existing non-transplanted hair’. Full results of a hair transplant can take up to one year.

Dr Shuja adds ‘with fit active men like Jamie who maintain a very high level of fitness and weight training, it is important to maintain existing hair along with the transplanted hair otherwise over time, the non-transplanted hair will continue to fall creating a thinning gap between the new transplanted hair and existing hair.‘ 

Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem. The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery

FUE Hair Transplant & PRP Hair Treatment At The British Hair Clinic