Testosterone, DHT, Weight Lifting and Excercise

Research shows that cardio exercise (jogging, cycling, swimming etc) encourages blood flow in the scalp which is good for your hair and slows natural hair loss.

Cardio exercise has been shown to lower levels of DHT, whereas anaerobic workouts such as HIT training and weight lifting, despite being good for your health do in fact raise DHT levels in the blood. Raised DHT levels in the blood can exacerbate hair loss. The advice we give to athlete’s is would be to strike a healthy balance between cardio and intense weight training or anaerobic exercise. 

At the British Hair Clinic, we are the leading clinic specialising in treating professional rugby players, athletes and body builders who have to weight lift along with daily HIT anaerobic training. In such athletes DHT levels are likely to be higher than average so it is important for these athletes that we manage their DHT levels through other treatments such as Finasteride which is a DHT blocking medication, PRP treatments, laser treatment amongst others. It is by managing their testosterone and DHT demands that we can carry out successful hair transplant.

Joe and Adam Ballinger

Bodybuilder brothers

Zac Hardaker

Professional England rugby player.