Hair Transplants In Turkey

Shall I look for cheap hair transplant surgery?

Due to cheap prices and social influencers marketing foreign clinics, some countries like Turkey have become popular places to get hair transplant treatment. The main selling point being the price. In many countries abroad, hair transplant surgery is rarely performed by a hair transplant surgeon or a health care professional. Often, multiple surgeries are performed on the same day by laymen carrying out repetitive tasks. The cost of a private surgeon in places like Istanbul, Turkey or Budapest is only marginally lower than that of a surgeon in the UK or Northern Europe. So, if private surgery such as hair transplant surgery is being offered at significantly reduced prices, then one should think twice about who is performing the surgery and what they are actually paying for. 

The increase in patients going abroad or those trying to find ‘price matching hair transplant deals’ in the UK, has seen a similar rise in patients presenting with poor hair transplant results, side-effects and in rare cases complications needing hospital treatment. Poor or no aftercare is often inevitable. When quality is overlooked for quantity or price, then these things are always inevitable. 

At the British Hair Clinic, we understand and respect patient choice to travel wherever they feel most comfortable. We appreciate that hair transplant surgery can be relatively expensive so the temptations to travel abroad are understandable. However, we do caution patients that complications from poor surgery in clinics offering ‘cheap hair transplant surgery’ often require costly surgery to correct the poor results.

We advise patients to double check the clinic wherever they choose to go, ensure that the surgery will be led by a hair transplant surgeon and there is an aftercare package over the twelve months after your surgery.