David Beckham Body Double Hair Transplant

David Beckhams Official body double, Jamie Gleeson has undergone a hair transplant at the British Hair Clinic. Pictures of Beckhams stunning hair at Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding created a frenzy online with many people commenting how amazing his hair had looked. Beckham, famous for his amazing locks, has been in the news over the last year, in particular during the first coronavirus lockdown with various stories commenting on his dramatic hair thinning and hair loss.

Hairline Correction – FUE Hair Transplant

Jamie Gleeson, although unable to comment on David Beckham’s hair loss situation, decided he wanted to look younger and have a fuller hairline before the summer. He chose the British Hair Clinic because he ‘had seen the amazing results so many patients have had after visiting the British Hair Clinic. This includes dozens of celebrities’.

Hair Transplant’s At The British Hair Clinic

David Beckham’s body double Jamie Gleeson’s hair transplant surgeon Dr Zabeeh added that ‘Jamie had what we call a small hairline correction procedure using the FUE hair transplant technique. It is important for patient’s like Jamie who have to maintain their looks according to their body double. I cannot comment on David Beckhams hair transplant, however at the British Hair Clinic it is routine for us to carry out procedures on patients from all walks of life, not just the rich and famous’.

Jamie Gleeson recently posted an updated picture of his hairline on his Instagram account showing the brilliant results so far. The delighted David Beckham’s body double was grateful to his surgeon, Dr Zabeeh and the British Hair Clinic for ‘knocking a few years of his hairline and giving him his big smile back’.