Alex Miller Hair Transplant

Former Love Island Contestant, Alex Miller is the latest reality TV star and celebrity to visit the British Hair Clinic in Essex, London. Alex underwent a FUE hair transplant to correct his receding hairline.

Having grown increasingly concerned about his hairline, Alex said ‘being in front of the cameras and doing photo-shoots made it much worse. My hair now has to be styled in a way to hide the gaps and the corners just bug me. Whenever my barber puts my hair up and I see it in the mirror, it makes me really cringe seeing how much hair loss there is’.  

The hair transplant took just under eight hours to complete. Hair was taken from the back of the head and transplanted at the front of the head.

Alex’s surgeon, Dr Zabeeh stated that ‘Alex was a delightful patient and the hair transplant went well. It is important for Alex to now rest properly at home. He can catch up on his Netflix and enjoy watching the football. The recovery period usually takes two weeks, after which he can return to normal activity’. 

Since leaving Love Island last year, Alex said he had struggled with personal stuff and his mental health, which he has spoken about candidly. He mentioned the importance of ‘seeking help and reaching out to someone when something isn’t quite right or gets you down’. 

Having spoken to the right people, ‘his life is back on track’. He chose to have a hair transplant saying ‘having a good hairline is crucial to looking young and feeling good about yourself. I’m often doing photoshoots and modelling every now and then so the new younger hairline will really help me in the long run’.  

Alex had ‘spoken to many famous faces who had been treated at the British Hair Clinic, everyone was raving about the excellent results and I feel this is the best place to come’. Previous Love Island winner, Nathan Massey also had his hair transplant at the British Hair Clinic in Essex, London.

Alex was given a set of instructions to follow over the coming weeks and months. These cover everything from sleeping position, hair washing, hair care and exercise. He is expected to pop back into the British Hair Clinic for a review. Alex Miller, is one of many reality TV stars, sportsmen and celebrities who have visited the British Hair Clinic.

The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody who has been affected by hair loss issues should speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery.

For further information about hair loss and the different treatment options available, the British Hair Clinic has specialists that can help answer your questions.

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